German Dell Shop with Strange Ubuntu Logo


I just checked whether the new Dell Mini 12 is available with Ubuntu Linux. The Linux powered Dell Mini 9 netbook has been comparably successfully considering that one third of the sold units where shipped with Ubuntu Netbook Remix, as Dell’s Jay Pinkert told LAPTOP Magazine about two weeks ago.

As I am located in Germany, I was automatically redirected to the German Dell shop to see something went wrong on the page where you can configure the operating system and other components. Ubuntu 8.04 was pre-selected without another option to choose from, but the Microsoft Windows logo is displayed as shown on the screenshot (click to enlarge).

The logo links to Dell's page about Microsoft Windows Vista. This leaves me puzzled with one question: did this scare off Linux users and is this the reason why only 1/3 of Dell's Mini netbooks where sold with Linux?

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