About Linux-Netbook.com

Linux-Netbook.com is all about small mobile computers, a.k.a. netbooks, subnotebooks, or umpcs, that run a flavor of the Linux operating system.

The site is divided into several main sections. In the netbook section you find technical specifications of netbooks, that are sold with a pre-installed Linux based operating system.

The video section features video reviews and demonstrations uploaded to video sharing sites by users and manufacturers of netbooks.

In the Linux section you find the Linux distributions featured on this site.

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Who runs this Site?

Linux-Netbook.com is created and run by Ramiro Gómez. I first got in touch with Linux when I registered my first e-mail account in the mid 90ies, which was provided by the Technical University of Berlin, where I studied.

I had the choice between a Unix or a Linux account and opted for Linux, because I liked the idea of a free and open operating system. Since then I have been a user and advocate of open source software.

I created my first own open source project in 2002, which was followed by several others and contributions to open source projects founded by other people. Check out my GitHub profile to learn more about some of these projects.

Another tech site I recently started is for German speaking people, who are interested in low radiation cell phones, called Strahlungsarme Handys, check it out.


Product information is based on manufacturer specifications and information from shops selling these products. I cannot guarantee that this information is 100% correct. If you find anything that should be corrected let me know in the comments of the corresponding post or via the contact page.


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