World Maps of Ratio and Number of Linux Users per Country

These 2 maps show the ratio and total number of registered Linux users per country from the Linux Counter project as of October 17, 2014. You can select the displayed map from the dropdown menu on top right. You can see the values of the individual countries in the tooltip when moving the mouse over a country.

For the color scale on the ratio map, only countries with at least 1 million inhabitants were considered, otherwise small nations, especially Pitcairn, would cause a map were basically every visible country with data would appear in a pale blue. This is because Pitcairn is an extreme outlier with 3 of a mere 50 inhabitants registered as Linux users.

Apart from this Web based map, both maps are also available as image files:

In a previous version of the map Suriname and Serbia got mixed up, which is still the case on the Linux counter page, but fixed in the script that retrieves the data.


There are some users who registered a very high number of machines, for example in Kraljevo, Serbia and Chesapeake Beach, US there are users who registered more than 1000 machines with Linux counter.

The data for other high ratio countries like Finland or Norway looks more sane. A more reliable map could probably be created based on the detailed data, omitting extreme outliers, i. e. users who registered many machines. Still take these numbers with a grain of salt.

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