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  • First Impressions of the Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2

    December 03, 2014

    Unboxing and first impressions of the Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2 by Chrome Unboxed.

  • Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2 Review

    October 14, 2014

    A long video review of the high-specced Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2 concluding that this is the best Chromebook released so far.

  • Danny Stieben Reviews the Toshiba CB35 A3120 Chromebook

    August 29, 2014

    A video review of the Toshiba CB35 A3120 Chromebook done by Danny Stieben of makeuseof, who recommends to look for another 13.3 inch Chromebook instead.

  • Kevin Purcell Reviews the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e Chromebook

    August 29, 2014

    A review of the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e Chromebook done by Kevin Purcell who evaluates it as the best Chromebook option for people who need a very durable device.

  • Robby Payne Reviews the ASUS C300 Chromebook

    August 28, 2014

    In this video Robby Payne of Chrome Unboxed reviews the ASUS C300, one of the first Chromebooks powered by an Intel Bay Trail processor.

  • Leo Laporte Reviews the Lenovo N20p Chromebook

    August 25, 2014

    In episode 136 of Before You Buy Leo Laporte reviewed the Lenovo N20p Chromebook. While Leo generally admires Chromebooks and Chrome OS, he is not particularly fond of this device.

  • Quick Look at the Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Chromebook

    April 11, 2014

    This video gives first impressions of the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Chromebook, which will be available as a clamshell-style notebook and as a Yoga-style convertible.

  • Is a Chromebook Good for Students?

    April 03, 2014

    Students are certainly an interesting target audience for Chromebook vendors, but are Chromebooks interesting for students from their own perspective?

  • Extensive Review of the HP Chromebook 11

    March 13, 2014

    Brad Linder from Liliputing published an extensive review of the HP Chromebook 11. You can get the gist of it in his 10 minute video review.

  • Short Review of the Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook

    February 24, 2014

    In this 5-minute video Tony Wang reviews the Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook for the Before You Buy show on the TWiT Network.

  • InfinitelyGalactic's review of elementary OS Luna

    November 27, 2013

    Yesterday I came across a post on Reddit about elementary OS or more exactly an article published by Wired where elementary OS was referred to as the Apple of

  • Samsung Chromebook First Hands-on and Comparison

    October 19, 2012

    Before the new Samsung Chromebook is even shipping, the first hands-on video by Kevin C. Tofel is already available. In his 12-minute review Kevin initially

  • A 1st Look at the new Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook

    June 01, 2012

    Right after the release of the new Chromebook Brad of Liliputing captured his initial impressions in this video. As with the 1st generation Samsung Chromebook

  • Critical Review of the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

    June 16, 2011

    If you consider buying a Samsung Series 5 Chrome OS laptop you should think about the peculiarities that go along with using an operating system that mainly

  • Jolicloud 1.0 Demoed on an Acer Aspire One 533

    July 14, 2010

    As announced last week version 1.0 of Jolicloud is currently being rolled out to the users of the netbook operating system. Probably the most obvious change

  • Hexxeh's Chromium OS Flow Reviewed

    July 14, 2010

    About 8 months have passed since Google announced their Web centric Chrome operating system. An official release from Google is expected by the end of 2010.

  • litl webbook Video Review by OSNews

    December 30, 2009

    In terms of hardware and software user interface design the litl webbook is one of the most innovative netbook-style computers released in 2009. The convertible

  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 on a Lenovo S10

    December 13, 2009

    In this video Marina from Marina's Bloggariffic reviews Ubuntu Netbook Remix Karmic Koala on her Lenovo Ideapad S10 netbook.

  • Alpha 680: 1st Android Netbook Reviewed

    September 11, 2009

    The Skytone Alpha 680 is the first netbook running Google's Android operating system. It has a 7" rotating touch screen display and can be used in netbook and

  • Sharp PC-Z1 NetWalker Mini Netbook Hands-on

    September 07, 2009

    The PC-Z1 NetWalker by Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp is a mini-netbook with a 5" touchscreen (1024x600px) display that runs Ubuntu 9.04 or more

  • Jolicloud Review on the HP Mini 1000

    August 23, 2009

    I tried several operating system on the HP Mini 1000 netbook during the past months, inlcuding Karmic Koala Alpha releases of Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) and

  • GNB GL 750 Mini Netbook with Google Android

    June 08, 2009

    GNB showcased this netbook reviewed by Sascha for Netbook News at COMPUTEX 2009. The GNB GL 750 is a very small netbook with a 7" (800x480 pixel) non-glossy

  • Mtube II XP Netbook and Android Tablet

    June 07, 2009

    The Mtube II is a combination of netbook and tablet PC running Windows XP in netbook and Google Android in tablet mode. Apart from the unfortunate netbook

  • First Look at Pegatron's Freescale-based Netbook

    June 05, 2009

    Sascha reports from Freescale headquarters in Taipei, taking a first look at the Pegatron netbook, a very thin and light laptop with an estimated weight of 800

  • Wistron N900z Smartbook with Freescale Processor

    June 05, 2009

    Low-end ARM-based netbooks or Smartbooks seem to be a hot trend at COMPUTEX 2009. The Wistron N900z is one such device powered by Freescale's i.MX515 multimedia

  • Foxconn SZ901 with Moblin Linpus Linux Lite

    June 04, 2009

    2 days ago Linpus announced to showcase Moblin Version 2 of their Linpus Linux Lite distribution for netbooks at COMPUTEX 2009 in Taipei. In this video recorded

  • Introducing the ECS T800 Android Netbook

    June 03, 2009

    Yet another video from busy Sascha at COMPUTEX 2009 getting his hands on the ECS T800 Netbook that will run the Linux based Android operating system and ship

  • HP Mini 110 Preview Video

    May 30, 2009

    Daniel Tsou from Singapore's Gadget Podcast Tech65 takes a detailed first look at the HP Mini 110 netbook in this video recorded live at HP's Touch The Future

  • Dell Introduces the Inspiron Mini 9

    December 30, 2008

    This video review by Dell introduces their Inspiron Mini 9 netbook that was released mid September 2008. The second largest computer manufacturer created a mini

  • Acer Aspire One Software Review

    December 29, 2008

    In his series of Acer Aspire One reviews YouTube user earthling10 not only did an in depth hardware review but also this extensive software review of the Linpus

  • Acer Aspire One Hardware Review

    December 28, 2008

    This video review provides an in depth description, demonstration and evaluation of Acer Aspire One's hardware and it's capabilities. If you have any hardware

  • Wired Gadget Lab 10: Sylvania G Netbook Meso

    September 24, 2008

    Jose Fermoso and Dylan Tweney who are editors for the popular Wired Magazine review the Sylvania g Netbook Meso after a comparison of the new iPod Nano and

  • Acer Aspire One Video Review

    September 10, 2008

    Geri Druckman of Linux Journal reviews the Acer Aspire One netbook. Geri first explains the available ports for connecting other devices. One thing Geri

  • HP 2133 Mini-Note Video Review

    August 27, 2008

    Linux Journal's Shawn Powers is not only impressed with the screen resolution of the HP 2133 Mini-Note in his video review of Hewlett-Packards netbook, but also

  • Asus Eee PC 901 with Xandros Linux Review

    August 22, 2008

    With about 14 minutes length this comprehensive video review demonstrates what you can do with the Asus Eee PC 901 running Xandros Linux: play games, watch

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