20 Years of the Linux Operating System in 3.5 Minutes

Obviously it's not possible to cover all aspects of Linux and its past 20 years in a short video, but it highlights some important milestones and facts, for example that virtually every user of the Web accesses pages and applications delivered in most cases by servers runnning a Linux based operating system.

Linux still has a long way to go in the desktop market, whereas on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones the Linux based Android OS is gaining ground quickly, recently passing RIM Blackberry and Apple iOS in terms of consumer market share on U.S. smartphones.

With netbooks lying somewhere in between smartphones/tablets on one end and desktops/laptops on the other the situation is clearly different. Looking at today's 20 latest releases in Amazon.com's netbook store 18 come with Windows 7 Starter, 1 with Windows 7 Home Premium, and believe it or not 1 with Windows CE 5.0.

I think this has to change, so join the Linux Foundation celebrating 20 years of Linux and help spread Linux based systems and the spirit of open source software.

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with The Linux Foundation!

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