Bryan Lunduke Talks about Why Linux Sucks and Why Not

If you are a Linux user you've probably experienced hardware issues. Ever tried to work with a dual monitor setup for example? If you are a developer targeting different Linux distros you know about the work hours wasted to maintain different package formats, don't you?

These are just two of the negative points Bryan Lunduke of Jupiter Broadcasting fame makes in his luridly titled talk Why Linux Sucks, that he gave at Linux Fest Northwest 2012.

Other things that bother people are missing applications, games, etc. No doubt, there are issues with Linux and the fact that other operating systems have issues too — maybe more depending on the point of view — is not what makes Linux awesome. What makes it awsome: it's fast, customizable, stable, open and generally, pretty bad-ass. You get more of that in Bryan's subsequent talk Why Linux Doesn't Suck.

There are fixes for many issues, but there's always room for improvement with several ways people can help. Go ahead and report or fix bugs, improve documention, help organize events, donate money or whatever you can to support an open operating system and a great community.

Not convinced yet? What about: all of our friends who don't run Linux know it's hardcore, will make them look cool and get more ladies.

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