Fujitsu LIFEBOOK MH330 Running Linpus Lite for MeeGo

Recently Fujitsu launched their first MeeGo based netbook, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK MH330, in the Asia Pacific region and today Linpus Technologies announced that the operating system running on the netbook is a customized version of Linpus Lite for MeeGo in this press release.

This short video recently recorded on a Fujitsu Media luncheon by The Technoclast provides some impressions of the LIFEBOOK running Linpus' version of MeeGo.

I haven't found an online shop yet where you can order the MeeGo based LIFEBOOK MH330, so if you know a site please tell about it in the comments. Hopefully, we'll see this netbook being offered in other markets as well.

Operating Systems: Linpus Lite for MeeGo

(updated: ) • Release Announcement Video Demonstration

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