How to Wipe out Windows 7 and install BackTrack on a Netbook

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This is a fun video showing how to completely wipe out Windows 7 Starter from a netbook using the Katana security suite and how to install BackTrack Linux on it to make the netbook faster and more fun to work with.

BackTrack is Linux distribution focused on doing penetration testing, which originated from the merger of the WHAX and Auditor distros. BackTrack Linux includes many security tools, such as the Metasploit penetration testing framework, the Nmap security scanner, and the Wireshark network protocol analyzer.

Whether to install Backtrack or one of the other available Linux distributions of course is up to you, but getting rid of Windows 7 Starter, which is unfortunately loaded on most new netbooks offered these days, seems a very reasonable thing to do.

Operating Systems: BackTrack

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