Mtube II XP Netbook and Android Tablet

The Mtube II is a combination of netbook and tablet PC running Windows XP in netbook and Google Android in tablet mode. Apart from the unfortunate netbook operating system choice, this is an interesting concept to serve multiple usage scenarios from a hardware point of view.

To switch the laptop into an ARM processor based touch-enabled tablet PC you pull off the screen, preferably using both hands, as JKK reveals its not that easy using just one hand.

When it comes to the software I'd prefer an entirely Linux based device. Basically, I don't see a point in paying for a sluggish OS like Windows XP, that I would not use anyway and I assume that most Windows users would rather go for an entirely Windows based system.

I don't think that such a combination of open and closed source operating systems will appeal to many users and it's a pity that Acer also decided to jump on the dual-OS bandwagon, leaving a bitter taste on their initial announcement of an Android Aspire One netbook to come on Q3 2009.

Operating Systems: Android

(updated: ) • ARM Architecture COMPUTEX Tech Event Video Review Windows XP

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