ZaReason Teo

Manufacturer: ZaReason
Operating System: Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Display: 10" Non-glare WSVGA (1024x600)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.2" x 7.1" x 1.5"
Weight: 2.8 lbs
Processor: 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450
Memory: 1024 MB DDR2 SDRAM (max: 2048)
Storage: 160 GB hard disk drive (HDD)
Battery life: 8 hours
WLAN: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: 10/100 Fast Ethernet
Colors: Black
Input Devices: Keyboard, Touchpad, Microphone, Video Camera
Connectivity: USB

The ZaReason Teo, that I just discovered on, looks like the successor of the Terra A20, which was the first netbook by ZaReason, who build laptops, desktops, and servers running Ubuntu Linux or derivatives.

At the time of writing there is no information about the Teo on ZaReason's website and the technical specifications on the Amazon product page could certainly be more detailed.

The Teo netbook has a 10" non-glare display at WSVGA (1024x600) resolution, is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, comes with 2GB RAM, a 160 GB SATA hard disk drive, Intel high definition speakers, built-in microphone, and a 6-cell battery with up to 8 hours battery life.

The Teo runs Ubuntu Linux, supposedly Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but there is no info on the edition or the version. So please ZaReason update the product details.

The current price of US $459.99 is pretty high compared to other recent netbooks, so the Teo is not likely to become a bestseller. Still, supporting a company that advocates Linux and does a good part of assembly and building in the US may make the difference for some.

Update 2010/09/19

In the meantime ZaReason added a dedicated product page for the Teo netbook with additional options for hard drive, warranty duration, and installed operating system, namely Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Kubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, or no operating system.

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